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R3227 Hornby BR/LNER Class O1 2-8-0 BR black late crest

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Designed by Edward Thompson of the LNER during World War II as a rebuild of a World War I Great Central design, the last of these heavy freight locomotives was not finished until 1949 under the auspices of the newly-created British Railways. The example modelled in this pack, started life as a Railways Operating Department locomotive no 1625 in 1918 and was rebuilt as Thompson O1 3663 in 1946. Passing to BR in 1948 it became 63663 and survived until 1964. The model's livery depicts the locomotive with late British Railways-era crest as would have been carried towards the end of the locomotive's service life. In OO scale and DCC ready with an 8 pin socket, it is 250mm long and features a 5 pole skew wound motor together with spring buffers and cab detail.

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