Just in time for Christmas shopping season, RRRG is pleased to offer a number of new lines of merchandise.  We now have fleeces, polo shirts, new designs of t-shirts and mugs plus keyrings and phone cases!

Don't forget our other merchandise such as mugs and t-shirts or Hornby models!


b2ap3_thumbnail_RRRG-fleece-green.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Polo-shirt-bottle-green.jpg
b2ap3_thumbnail_Fleece-logo-small.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Polo-logo-small.jpg
b2ap3_thumbnail_RRU-two-loco-t-shirt.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_50029-photo-mug.jpg
b2ap3_thumbnail_iphone-case.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_Renown-keyrings.jpg


Also, please don't forget our 2014 calendar.  All these items are important fundraisers for RRRG!  They would make great presents for someone or even yourself - maybe that distant relative needs some suggstions about what to get you for Christmas?!  Point them towards the online shop at renownrepulse.com or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need shopping assistance.