Ian, Pete and Dave spent the day unfastening the bolts to allow the main generator fan to be removed.  The fan is between the generator and power unit (but bolted to the main generator itself) and is normally hidden by the surrounding cowling. It sucks in cold air from under the body to help cool the gen and the cowling keeps the air circulating round the gen rather than blowing it all round the engine compartment. It has to come out to give access to the next layer of bolts that actually connect the engine to the generator. This proved to be a very fiddly task in the limited space between the fan and engine block.  Ian is seen proudly displaying his dirty hands after the day's work!

I continued cutting and fitting the cubicle air circuit, with the same difficulties as before, today was the turn of the field divert contactors. The pipe itself is easy to bend and the olives go on fine, it's getting my hands and a spanner to the connections round all the cables that's the problem. I should have done these pipes first before cabling, but as ever, wise after the event.