Mark Burrows and myself were on site today.  A slight mix-up over keys to the container resulted in a delay getting started and curtailed the working day somewhat.  Mark scraped off the worst of the crap from both the 037 cab and no. 2 cab of 30, then painted grey undercoat on the cab front of 037 to 'smarten it up a bit'.  The paintwork on all of our assets is looking faded and dirty after several years of no attention.  I pulled out the cables from under the floor in front of the aux gen that go to the load limiting potentiometer to bell them out. I identified and marked all but one, which will require further investigation. I did the same for several smaller severed cables from the cubicle to the main gen. This took all day as I was doing it on my own, so I had to make repeated trips into the Thin Man's passage to move the belling lead.  Although the work I've described here doesn't sound like much, it did take up a whole day but was very satisfying as it pinned down more of the cabling inside 50030.


b2ap3_thumbnail_004-2.JPG b2ap3_thumbnail_005.JPG