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PSL Field Guide to the Western Region

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278 pages, hardback, in good condition with some slight wear and tear to the dust jacket.  Authored by Geoffrey Body and published by Patrick Stephens Ltd in 1983, this is a comprehensive guide to the history and then-current practices of the Western Region of British Railways.  Contents include a detailed gazetteer covering all the important locations and passenger/freight lines on this vast region (from Paddington to Penzance and Central Wales), 164 photographs including past and "present" (early 1980s), 38 maps of railway lines past and present in locations discussed, route summaries, distance details, information on train types, traffic patterns, civil engineering features, early tramroads, preserved lines, disused lines, tunnels, bridges, museums and also suggested photographic vantage points.

An extremely interesting and informative guide to the history and then-current practices of one of the most identifiable regions of British Rail which will make a fine addition to the library of any enthusiast.

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