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Borrowed CU2 Unit

August 2008: Andy Rowlands has borrowed a CU2 field divert control unit from another class 50 owner, for us to produce track diagrams and identify all of the component parts, to enable a  small batch of new ones to be manufactured.  The CU2 is the field divert unit, which determines, along with the CU1 (current and load control unit), CU3 [KV10] (main generator field supply control unit), engine loading and ruling gradient, when to operate the three stages of field divert.  The following are a small sample of the many pictures that were taken of the two boards that make up the unit to help us with the production of the drawings and component lists. Fortunately the term "electronics" didn't have quite the same meaning in 1968 as it does in 2008.  That said, the CU2 is an amazingly compact piece of equipment, especially considering that the same task in Class 37s is performed by bulky racks of relays and contactors.

Borrowed CU2

Above and below: general shots of the CU2 with the case opened.


IMG 2818 20080831 borrowed cu2 rem
















Close up of components

Close up of components 

Circuit board tracks on CU2