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RRRG report for The Peak Express July 2008, Issue 19

Work parties are continuing on a regular fortnightly basis, with an odd extra thrown in from time to time, along with visits to other sites. The big news on the power unit front was the arrival at Rowsley of the 16 connecting rods complete with their new small end bushes, and a rather large cardboard box full of brand new Liner rings, Crank case joints, Head joint rings, Piston rings, Large end bearing shells, Con rod bolts, nuts and washers, enough components to rebuild 4 cylinders. This has been a real boost to the moral of the mechanical team as the power unit has turned a corner and instead of stripping dirty old components off, the lads are now overhauling and refitting new and refurbished components. The sponsor a component appeal has reached approximately 80% of its target with a few components remaining available for sponsorship.

The first four cylinder liners to go back into the power unit have been cleaned and prepared, and three have been fitted. Eight of the cylinder heads have now been stripped, cleaned, de-sooted, the valves ground in, valve gear reassembled and are ready for fitting. Dave has been polishing the copper and brass (small water jacket pipes) all of which have come up as good as new, and work has also started on generally cleaning down the power unit, the vee and part of B-side have been painted.

Andy and Steve have been busy with the electrical cubicle which continues to progress well. Two of the missing circuit breakers have now been fitted which has allowed the laying in and fitting of some cables that had been deliberately left out. Wiring from terminal bars 9 & 13 to the cubicle rotary switch door has been fitted, and all of the wires from the Control Cut-Out Switch to terminal bars 10 & 12 laid in.

The door switch wires have been separated into bundles and tidied up for each switch, and the 17 wires to the Control Cut-Out switch, 5 to the Emergency Compressor switch, 3 to the Local Engine Start switch, and 2 to the ammeter have been fitted. The last 12 wires to the Passenger/Goods switch have been laid in and connected, to terminal bar 13. The 27 wires to the Passenger/Goods brake selector switch and the 3 to the Exhauster Cut-Out switch have been fitted. Wiring of the complicated door switches has now been completed which is a significant milestone in the electrical work. A couple of wires to the CU1 terminal board have been rerouted into a more convenient shape and the cables in the cubicle from the door switches and the Battery Charge contactor, CU1 & CU9 terminal boards have been tidied.

The copper bar to No.1 main start contactor has been fitted, which gives the connection from the positive side of the batteries.

Significant down pours this summer have demonstrated that the work to waterproof the area under the headcode boxes on Repulse and Renown's No 2 end cabs has now been completely successful, some further work has now been undertaken to cosmetically improve this area. Also in the cabs two of the air horns have been refitted into Repulse's no.2 cab, and the new windscreen wiper motors test fitted.

The end of June saw the sad demise of 50040 Leviathan which having escaped the scrapyard once, found itself at Sims metals from which there was no reprieve, the loco being processed within four days of arrival. Thanks its final owner Paul Spracklen we were given the opportunity of recovering some components from her, which resulted in a team of seven working members attending Sims Metals the day after 40 arrived to recover what usable components we could. This included four cab to engine room doors, two main air reservoir tanks, a set of conduiting from the generator room, an M8 valve base plate, and various other fittings. All of which we are either missing or the item on 40 was in better condition than that on Renown or Repulse, which given 50040's history since withdrawal is surprising, if not unbelievable.