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Add-on packs for Microsoft Train Simulator

These add-on packs for Microsoft Train Simulator have been developed by Renown Repulse Universal and many friends, to whom we are very grateful.  Enjoy driving realistic looking, sounding and most importantly, behaving Class 50s on your PC.  Drive the Peak Rail route from Matlock Town to Rowsley South along with recreations of many of the steam and diesel locomotives and shunters that have graced Peak Rail's metals over the years.  Then when you've done all of that, take the ultimate challenge: drive the complete line from Ambergate to Buxton Midland and Chinley as it was in the late 1950s to early 1960s just as diesel began to replace steam.  This highly scenic route might be sadly gone in real life but it can still live on your PC! Please note that you need Microsoft Train Simulator itself to run these add-on packs and we suggest the likes of Amazon or Play as sources for this package, which is often available at very good prices.  We also suggest visiting the excellent Steam4me.net site which has valuable tutorials on how to get MS Train Sim working well under more recent versions of Windows, such as Vista and 7. Alternatively a very good free successor programme to Microsoft Train Simulator has been developed which is backwards compatible with all MS Train Sim routes and stock. Open Rails takes advantage of the massive increases in graphics processing power in the 20 years since MS Train Sim was released and runs happily on modern computers.

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