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Restoration diary

As one of RRRG's electrical officers I will write about my specialist field as well as general reports of work on site.

Working party report 6th September 2015

A slightly frustrating day was had.  Ian, Dave and the mechanical team struggled all day to try and fit the last remaining piece of oil pipe to the power unit so they can pump oil round it, but despite cutting more and more off one of those big hardened steel plates holding the supporting sleepers together, they still couldn't get the pipe aligned because of where one of the big bolts holding the plates is.

Meantime I managed to get most of a coat of paint on the electrical cubicle frame in 50030, and finished building the first two cab window stopper devices, intended to increase the security of our locomotives by making it more difficult to open the cab windows from the outside.  This is in addition to the other security precautions we take to protect our assets including CCTV and Smart Water.  We believe Smart Water is a very effective deterrent and would recommend it other preservation groups.

Working party reports 26th July and 9th August
Cab restoration update

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