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Restoration diary

As one of RRRG's electrical officers I will write about my specialist field as well as general reports of work on site.

Work party reports 18th February and 31st March 2024

Work party reports 18th February and 31st March 2024

Mark and Richard were on site on 18th February. Richard reports he did a couple of checks to the cab wiring problems, it appears that we did not have the second live from Cab2 at the Cab1 switch panel, this would explain only having half of the route indicator and no driver's cab light. It seems some of the cab wiring issues is either faulty or very dirty switch contacts, so we will remove the cab switch panel, dismantle it, clean all the switches and replace any failed ones. Mark reported he finished fitting rubber strips to the last three filter frames in the filter bank opposite the electrical cubicle, and in the blower compartment at No.1 end. He also de-rusted and primed three sections of filter frame that hadn't previously been attended to.

Jay, Richard, Dave, Mark and I were on site on 31st March. Mark finished cleaning rust off the last of the air filter frames and primed them. He also barred round the power unit. Dave had been fitting more sections of airpipe above the passageway past the electrical cubicle, and today began overhauling a second change-end switch. Richard returned the second refurbished cab switch plate, and Jay connected it to No.2 cab wiring with quick-release connectors Richard supplied. We used these in case the panels ever have to be removed again, which avoids having to cut through-crimped cables. We couldn't light that cab as the centre desk panel is not currently fitted, so we started belling out the wires for the Driver's Safety Device (DSD) system. This comprises the hand and foot switches and desk buzzers in both cabs, the relay box by where the urinal was sited, the Speed Switch in No.2 cab and one of the valves on the brake frame. As Mark was creating a lot of noise and dust near No.1 cab, we identified and labelled the wires from the foot and hand switches in No.2 cab, the desk buzzer and all bar two of the severed wires that originally went to the relay box before we ran out of time. Richard tested the relays in the DSD box and found one relay has a bad coil, so it will be changed for another from store. Jay is seen connecting the switch panel in No.2 cab. (Photo by Andy Rowlands)

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