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Restoration diary

Reports of restoration work on 50029 and 50030.

Compressors update

Compressors update
The main block of a class 50 air compressor, stripped down and partially overhauled.
The motor end of the compressor, as the overhaul progresses.
The compressor crankshaft. Note the surface rust from water ingress.
The electrical machine end of the compressor.
The compressor body. This particular example has suffered water ingress over the years and we will probably use it only for parts to repair another of our compressors as it will be expensive to repair.
The compressor motor field windings overhauled.
Another view of the field windings of the compressor; the electrical end of the machine has been refurbished.
Another view of the refurbished electrical motor field windings of the compressor.
The compressor fan housing.
The compressor motor armature in the process of receiving overhaul.
Air compressor cylinder heads. Note the one on the left shows signs of water damage.
Our medium term goal is to restore 50030 to a state where the Diesel engine can be started up and the locomotive's systems checked. To this end we are concentrating on both the power unit and generators plus the air and vacuum systems. We already have an overhauled vacuum exhauster in secure, heated storage off site and we have a number of compress...
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Radiators and other updates - part 2

Radiators and other updates - part 2
Refitting the overhauled heat exchanger to the ex-50008 power unit completes the oil circuit once more and allows us to keep barring the power unit over before it is installed in 50030.
This post is to continue from the previous article rounding up the progress RRRG has made in the first half of 2017.As we had lifted the radiator fan and its motor out of 50030 in order to remove the radiators themselves for overhaul, it seemed a good idea to get this sent off for overhaul at the same time as the radiators were being d...
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