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Restoration diary

Reports of restoration work on 50029 and 50030.

Announcement of working party dates and details of restoration work carried out at working parties.

Work party report 17th February 2019

Dave Rolfe, Wes Needle and I were on site on Sunday 17th February. Peak Rail have been reorganising their site during the first weeks of 2019 and opportunities for work parties were also limited by the weather. Dave was removing the brake adjustment parts off the bogies, as he'd identified some that were either worn or where there appeared to be ...
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Work party reports update December 2018

Ian Kemp, Peter Carter and Dave Rolfe have been finishing off fitting pipework onto the ex-50008 power unit, and have started removing the injectors for inspection, before they go off for overhaul. Dave has been overhauling, cleaning and temporarily fitting items onto the brake frame so we know where everything goes. They will need removing to get ...
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Work party reports July/August 2018

The radiator compartment in 50030 following reinstallation of the overhauled radiators.
Deborah Stokes testing the voltage on the batteries still inside 50030.
The first two radiator fan resistor backplates were refitted on a test basis.
Deborah Stokes removed the batteries from 50030 to top up distilled water levels and attempt to charge them up.
The heat exchanger for the overhauled power unit intended for 50030 was overhauled last year and has now been fully installed complete with all pipework.
After four hours connected to a car battery charger, the voltage on the batteries doubled, although they won't be good enough to actually fire 50030 up.
I have been offline with PC problems for the last few weeks so work party reports haven't been added! So here's a bumper update rolling up all the work on site during the last month or so since the last report in mid July.The last three workparties saw myself, Dave Rolfe, Deborah Stokes, Wes Needle, Carl and Sofy Looker and Mark a...
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Work party report 15th July 2018

The No 1 end cab of 50030 showing various patches done over the past few weeks. Hot summer weather is generally a good time to attend to jobs like these.
Cabside rot is the bane of all Class 50 owners. Drainage channels from the side windows in the cab become blocked and allow water to build up. We patched ours up a few years ago but the problem is starting to come back.
Cab footsteps are another troublesome area although not nearly as bad. Note the SmartWater sticker: we in RRRG have been using this service for a number of years now and we highly recommend it as a cheap and effective anti-theft deterrent for all locomotive owning groups.
​Mark Burrows, his son Robert and I were on site today. Mark and Robert carried on scraping, bashing, fibreglassing, filling, sanding and priming around the no.1 cab of 50030, while I had a good tidy up on the shelves opposite the electrical cubicle, then Mark helped me fit the three rad resistor backplates along one side of the rads. Apart from th...
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Working party report 24th June 2018

The no 1 end cab of 50030. This was last repainted about ten years ago when we first purchased the two locomotives and agreed with our hosts at Peak Rail that they should be repainted.
Ten years outdoors exposed to the elements hasn't been hugely kind to the paint job and the traditional cabside rot is starting to show. The aim is to do a quick repair job whilst the weather is fine and keep 50030 looking presentable and improve weather proofing.
A full repaint of 50030 isn't on the agenda for now as we concentrate on the mechanical aspects so we decided just to concentrate on removing rusty patches and getting primer onto the bare metal followed by undercoat to at least seal the repaired area away from the weather.
Mark Burrows and his Robert plus myself were on site today. Mark and Robert carried on where my partner Mae had got to on the no.1 end cabsides of 50030, removing rusty paint bubbles, grinding and sanding smooth where possible, then adding filler, sanding again and priming, then painting with grey undercoat. When purchased in 2002, both 50029 and 5...
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