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Restoration diary

Reports of restoration work on 50029 and 50030.

Work party report 6th August 2022

Reinstated fuel pipes in the engine compartment. Photo by Andy Rowlands.
The completed centre section of the driver's desk in the no 1 end cab of 50030. The wiring has now all been reinstated and bell tested. Photo by Jay Hirst.
​Dave Rolfe, Jay Hirst and I were on site today. Dave is continuing to paint pipework in the engine compartment, and has started to refit various filters. The first pic shows painted fuel pipework. Jay helped me finish rewiring the centre desk panel in No.1 cab. We then moved into No.2 cab to bell out the same bunch of cables. Fortunately, the...
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Work party report 6th May 2019

Ian Kemp decided to go to site today as it was a bank holiday and he wasn't working. Wes Needle was available too so I went as well.Quite a productive day, Wes was in No.1 cab again, fitted the windscreen washer control and washer button he'd overhauled, and made a repair to a conduit under the floor. He took away a section of cab panelling to rep...
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Work party report 10 March 2019

No 1 end cab 50030 with panelling refitted.
Bogie brake adjusters refurbished and ready for refitting to the bogies to replace worn adjusters removed previously.
A good day on Sunday, despite the Arctic wind in the morning. Wes Needle had a very productive day. He started the day by cleaning the debris from under No.1 cab floor on the second man's side. Then, with Dave's help, they checked the operation of the handbrake mechanism under the floor. They found that the pivot nut required tightening and a new s...
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Work party report 17th February 2019

Dave Rolfe, Wes Needle and I were on site on Sunday 17th February. Peak Rail have been reorganising their site during the first weeks of 2019 and opportunities for work parties were also limited by the weather. Dave was removing the brake adjustment parts off the bogies, as he'd identified some that were either worn or where there appeared to be ...
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Working party report 24th June 2018

The no 1 end cab of 50030. This was last repainted about ten years ago when we first purchased the two locomotives and agreed with our hosts at Peak Rail that they should be repainted.
Ten years outdoors exposed to the elements hasn't been hugely kind to the paint job and the traditional cabside rot is starting to show. The aim is to do a quick repair job whilst the weather is fine and keep 50030 looking presentable and improve weather proofing.
A full repaint of 50030 isn't on the agenda for now as we concentrate on the mechanical aspects so we decided just to concentrate on removing rusty patches and getting primer onto the bare metal followed by undercoat to at least seal the repaired area away from the weather.
Mark Burrows and his Robert plus myself were on site today. Mark and Robert carried on where my partner Mae had got to on the no.1 end cabsides of 50030, removing rusty paint bubbles, grinding and sanding smooth where possible, then adding filler, sanding again and priming, then painting with grey undercoat. When purchased in 2002, both 50029 and 5...
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