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Restoration diary

Reports of restoration work on 50029 and 50030.

Work party report 17th February 2019

Dave Rolfe, Wes Needle and I were on site on Sunday 17th February. Peak Rail have been reorganising their site during the first weeks of 2019 and opportunities for work parties were also limited by the weather. Dave was removing the brake adjustment parts off the bogies, as he'd identified some that were either worn or where there appeared to be ...
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Working party report 28th May 2017

Whilst we have the radiators removed from 50030, attention has turned to the radiator compartment inside the bodyshell with the aim being to refurbish it as quickly as possible. The reason for this is that we have the refurbished radiators back in our care, but we quickly decided that the best place to store them was where they came out from - name...
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Working party reports May-June 2016

The battery charge diode reinstalled in the electrical cuible inside 50030 after testing and repair.
New volunteer Andy Blofield getting his hands dirty for the first time.
​29th May 2016Dave Rolfe was helping remove usable parts from an old coach which is to be sent for cutting, and he asked for any electrical items he could salvage. He got two small steel cabinets and several lengths of conduit plus various elbows and tees. The smaller of the two cabinets could be useful as a connection box for the severed conduit o...
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Working party reports April-May 2016

Refurbished fire bottles area inside 50030.
​18th April 2016I brought the good battery charge diode back and carried on cleaning and undercoating cubicle covers, scraped loose paint off the roof over the cubicle and finished re-threading the holes for the slotted covers right at the top of the cubicle.Dave Rolfe has cleaned and painted the area behind where the fire bottles stand next to the...
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Working party reports and updates January-April 2016

Battery charge diode ex-50030 (left) and a spare from RRRG stores (right). The ex-loco component gave suspect results during routine testing and both were taken for more in-depth tests courtesy of another group.
​A compilation of work party reports since our last updates.25th January 2016Dave Rolfe and Peter Carter continued to put the new oil into the ex-50008 power unit, I refitted the reverser actuator cylinder and checked out the battery charge diode again, which still gave strange readings, and re-threaded some more of the electrical cubicle cover hol...
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